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BC Interview, English translation, Part 4 (last)

Part 4 aka the last part is here :

Q : Was Star Trek a meaningful part of your childhood?

A : Not always. I knew it and understood every generation, and saw a couple of the films. But I never was an obsessive fan and I never felt any feeling of possession about anything, not even a football club. I never followed anything, never bought any T-shirt.

Q : How much geek gene that you have in you?
A :
Not much. I’m very simple. My style is more modern rustic than gadget-oriented. Clearly I’m a fan of the rebooted Star Trek because I loved the moment when everyone got together in the first film. When I was little I liked The A-Team and Airwolf…I liked Knight Rider then Baywatch, but I was never obsessed.

Q : But you understand the nature of people who are hard-core fans of anything?

A : I totally understand. I just don’t have it because I didn’t have a big focus on anything in my life. I want to be able to move between one world and the other. But I understand it - it’s like having a team, becoming a supporter, going through obstacles and the good times and the bad, is quite similar to a sense of possession in a clan.

Q : Have you ever followed the speculation on the internet or saw your face imposed on Ricardo Montalban’s body?

A : No! I mean, yes, I’ve seen them, but I didn’t look for it. Maybe when I was in make-up someone will say “Look at that!”. It’s a part of the pleasure of going in this world. The fans have knowledge, pride and possession in this world. I know I’m entering a beloved realm, but for me it’s more about pleasing the person who trusted me to take this part. So if I give a bad performance, it’s JJ’s fault for giving me his trust! (laughs).

Q : Your parents are also actors, so did you spend a lot of time backstage when they were working on stage?

A : A decent amount of time. But they were trying to distance me from all of it and told me that being backstage can get a little boring eventually, even if I didn’t think so. They didn’t want me to get involved much or be enthusiastic like, unfortunately, what I do and feel now. So I used to spend a lot of time there. I watched them perform a lot. I remembered my mother was talking with a stage manager backstage, and there was an open door so the light from the stage and I could hear the conversation. I remembered standing on stage with a role my godmother gave me when she worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company. I was some sort of a spear carrier - I was 5 or 6 at the time, and there was quite big smile on my face while standing in the darkness and thinking “Wow!”. That maybe a romantic version of how I got into acting. Actually, my parents provided me with an upper class education by working really hard. They weren’t rich, and I also tried to use my education to work on something other than acting. That was their intention by giving me an education like that, so that I could be a lawyer, architect or doctor.

Q : They didn’t want you to become an actor?

A : Well, no. They wanted me to be an architect, doctor, lawyer. (laughs). Anything but acting, because they know the difficulty of living the life they do everyday - work that moves from place to place, no control on social life, and you don’t know where another job comes from. They wanted me to be free of it all, but I felt the pull and I kept acting in school and in university.

Q : Now, with your role in Star Trek Into Darkness, are you not afraid that people will see you as a villain?

A :  No. I just played a man named Little Charles in a film called August : Osage County, and he was a 37-year-old man who lived above his parents’ garage, his life was messed up and he fell in love with his cousin and everything was chaos. He’s a fragile and sensitive man. Fortunately, if you look at my roles so far, not everything is villain. Sherlock, for instance, is an anti-hero. He stands on the side of the angels but can’t see himself as being on of them, but he wasn’t a villain. So no, I don’t feel like that.

Okay folks, that’s the end of the interview. Please keep in mind that English isn’t my first language, so there’s bound to be some weird translation. I’m sorry if you find anything wrong with it. Thank you so much for reading!

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