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English translation for Benedict Cumberbatch’s interview on Total Film Indonesia (Issue 42, May 2013)

Hello! This is the translation from Indonesian to English in full. English is not my first language, so please ignore any wonky translation! No repost please! :)

I’m gonna post this interview in 4 parts or more, simply because there’s so much material to translate! So here you go!

Part 1 of Total Film Indonesia’s interview

A scientist. A dragon. A spy. Whatever role he plays, he does so brilliantly. As one of England’s most talented actor today, Benedict Cumberbatch stole the viewers’ hearts with his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. Now, he will captivate even more with his role as the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness. But according to him… “I don’t feel like a villain….

Khaaaan! Khan? NO. John Harrison? Still questionable. You have to forgive us if even now we still haven’t bought that the name of the villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch in JJ Abrams’ sci-fi film Star Trek Into Darkness, which is the sequel of the 2009’s Star Trek reboot, is called John Harrison. Keeping in mind that this is a film by the master of trickery like Abrams, we chose to be skeptic until we sit inside the cinema and watch this film ourselves.

Nevertheless, we never doubt the actor who played him. Cumberbatch, with talent in acting in his blood isn’t just any other actor. If he’s lusted after many women (and possibly men), we wouldn’t scratch our heads about it. His piercing cheekbones and eyes really captivated a lot of people….and who doesn’t like a man with a smart vocabulary, wit and charm? Despite this, the English actor, born in London in 19 July 1976, built his career by playing the roles of “annoying” men, like Patrick Watts on Starter for Ten or the sexually assaulting Paul Marshall on Atonement. Even now, his latest roles are predominantly of a villain variety, such as Angel Islington on BBC4 Extra’s recent radio play Neverwhere, Smaug the Dragonand the Necromancer on The Hobbit trilogy, and of course “John Harrison”.

When we first watched him in the BBC’s Sherlock, we were left in disbelief that the detective was played by the same actor who portrayed Stephen Hawking in 2004 biopic Hawking. The transition between the smart and sympathetic Hawking to the morally challenged and arrogant detective like Sherlock unveiled one thing. Even though he has a fan base as extensive as NATO’s armed forces, Cumberbatch has proven that he’s an actor of rich experience, impressive roles and charisma.

Watching Cumberbatch in action is a pleasant experience on its own. (Of special note is) Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, in which (Cumberbatch) was Gary Oldman's right-hand man who beat up Tom Hardy and conversed with Colin Firth. His performance in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy left us full of praises for him, and John Harrison, or whatever his name is, will surely be his most entertaining performance since Sherlock Holmes. It is quite ironic that his parents, who are also actors (Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham), wanted their son to be a lawyer instead. What would cinema be without Benedict Cumberbatch? Come to think of it, the way he avoided spilling any Star Trek Into Darkness spoiler, we’re sure that he can be a successful lawyer….

Q : I’m sure that you’re under a non-disclosure agreement….
A :
It’s rare, a little mysterious and a bit mythical. I think it’s so useful, because we live in a world where everything is out in the open and a market is full of those who screams the loudest and stands the tallest. I’m very grateful to JJ Abrams for his attempt to keep this secret. I understand that if people are frustrated, but secretly, I think most of us are relieved of (the secrecy).

Q : Is it true that you recorded your audition for Star Trek Into Darkness in an iPhone?
A :
Yeah, it’s true (laughs). I recorded it during Christmas in 2011, but the show must go on, and in Hollywood people wanted to see this audition. The thing is, all casting directors that I know were not available during the (Christmas) holidays, and I said that I’ll have it ready by the 27th (of December), but then the technology around me started misbehaving - batteries were dead and camcoders weren’t doing their job - and I had no progress. I really wanted to do Star Trek, but I had just finished filming Parade’s End on the eve of the 23rd (of December), so I really only had 3 days of break and already I had to prepare for this big film after Christmas..

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